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Miles regis – Multimedia artist

& owner, miles regis collection

‍‍‍Kay (Marshall) is one of the best in the ‍‍‍bu‍‍‍siness. Such an amazing wealth of information comes with her incredible experience. Top class results. And always with a smile...

Henry choi – owner, vivace apparel inc. & MATIERE

‍‍‍Kay's lea‍‍‍dership and diverse background gives her and her team a great understanding across a broad spectrum in the industry; from Kids to Juniors to Missy and Mens. Their designs are both unique and highly saleable! Marshall Design is a great resource for sure!


jennifer kleklas – owner, 40 winks

‍‍‍The designers at Marshall Design are patient, kind & knowledgable in an industry that can be tough to navigate. For the first time I feel confident that I'll be releasing a well made product that I know I can feel good about. Knowing that I have Kay supervising the process and catching things I most certainly would have missed is something that I am beyond ‍‍‍grateful for! Their input is invaluable & the time & money they have saved me in the end is worth every penny - and then some!!


Let’s just start with the facts - Kay is a treasure. Working with her and her assistants on Tonny Sorenson’s planetillogica projects was always fun, and I truly enjoyed the experience - mostly because she makes work a good experience. Kay took the time to curate / art direct / design and manage the artist relations for each and every Artist Edition for Tonny’s line - she even sourced & produced EVERYTHING. She is positive, sup‍‍‍er creative, ingenious with obstacles and problem solving and can keep even the most stressful situations lively and on track. Kay has excellent communication skills and understands budgets, materials and the psychology of interactive business relationships. I’d work with her any day in a heartbeat.








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Photo: Helena Sung


As business owners we always seek to work with those that are experts in their field. We knew that our cut and sew production would be a reflection of our high end lifestyle and fitness brand so we couldn't afford to hire someone any less than a master of their craft. Finding Marshall Design was not only that, but abov‍‍‍e and beyond what we hoped to find because Kay & her team came with a hustle and immense kindness. Their efficiency is second to none in the industry (we know this from experience) their professionalism is no exception to that rule and are so wonderful to work with.

ashley conrad - CEO, clutch BODYSHOP


‍‍‍‍‍‍Kay is extremely knowledgeable, articulate and downright cool. She is great to work with and un‍‍‍derstands her clients needs and concerns well. She helped me get my company up and running and still my 'go to' gal when I need anything beyond my reach. She helped me explore and find amazing activewear manufacturers downtown, amongst many other projects. I love working with Kay and her very bubbly, but get-it-done attitude.

TANJA RICHTER - CEO, ShapeShifterZ/ Co-Founder, MetrMe,Inc.

Kay has been pivotal in helping us to transform our idea from concept to tangible,

working product. She is thorough, detail oriented and communicates extremely well.

She has an in depth knowledgeable of the apparel and accessories market from

current trends, to colors, to materials to the latest development and manufacturing

processes. Equally important, Kay is a people person. She listens, is easy to talk

‍‍‍to, ‍‍‍and has integrated seamlessly into our tight-knit (no pun intended!) team.

‍‍‍jessica lee - partner, bucardo